Precise forecasts

Better weather and marine forecasts than generic systems available

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate your Business Intelligence or let us create it

Science and Innovation

Partnership with renowned institutions (USP, FAPESP-FINEP, RAEng-UK)

User-friendly information

Simple aswers to real demands and favorite screens

API available

Integrate directly in native systems or monitors

Zero capital

Contract only services required, no CAPEX

Decision-making support

Data Science and AI
to protect and improve

Expert consultancy

Contact us. Our specialists will understand your demand and provide a solution with the best cost-benefit. Free demo.



Ports & Harbours

Improve efficiency, planning and reduce uncertainties with our platform. With exclusive insights, we create competitive advantages.


Marinas & Sailing Clubs

Improves user experience, safety and management of nautical business. Leisure and navigation with modern predictive technologies.


Public Administration

Support for municipalities and civil defense. Safety in coastal environments, works, ferries and outdoor events. Forecasts agains floods and surges to avoid urban damages.



Precise forecast for decision-making in constructions or operations, with innovative insights and operational stops planning.


Tourism & Ferries

Support for maritime touristic transport and ferries. Safety and planning increases user experience and saves resources.


Shipowners & Navigation

Improve decision-making in the transports, which affects all the logistic chain. Save resources with planning and assests monitoring integrated with maritime forecasts.


Oil & Gas

Improves decision-making in operations of production, Ship-to-Ship and offshore transport. Modern technologies and optional 24/7 specialists for your business.



Use your resources better. Adjust your planning with the weather and improve employee safety in construction works.


Outdoor events and Sports

Improve user experience in outdoor activities with modern technologies. Long term access or just for a specific event/competition, you decide.



Everyday new ideas and insights create value with Aimar©. Bring your own and we will integrate in our system for free.

Create solutions

We work together

We incorporate the internal client knowledge in our system. This means that the historical experience of managers is taken into account in the results of forecasting models and decision making. Structuring this knowledge with Data Science puts the modern technology of Aimar© fully integrated with the previous knowledge of organizations.

Count on us

Specialist support

Aimar© is a SIAA brand, research-based institution specialized in natural waters. We innovate and create multidisciplinary teams to face complex demands.

Continuous outdoor operations

  • Contract only what you need
  • 24/7 online and user-friendly
  • Precise forecasts
  • Free updates and innovations
Reduced monthly fee

Short-term operations or events

  • Contract only for the time you need
  • 24/7 online and user-friendly
  • Precise forecasts
  • Optional event app
Single fee

Vulnerable communities safety

  • Support to risk areas
  • Social projects
  • Partnership and Research
  • Mission: life protection
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"Platform provides info in a webapp, integrating alerts for daily-basis activies."


"The system can be used by harbours, navigation, marinas and the public administration."

National Confederation of Transport

"Aimar© technology can solve many problems regarding to operations in our business."

Otávio - Software IT

"El riesgo de accidentes puede disminuir considerablemente, ya que anticipa informaciones de eventos extremos que dotan de inseguridad a las actividades costeras.”


"Aimar© has improved how we see weather and marine forecasts in our organization."

João Santos - Yatch Club IC

Aimar© e SIAA selecionados para o London Grand Challenges Summit 2019

O Grand Challenges Summit 2019 é organizado pela Royal Academy of Engineering de Londres (Reino Unido), reunindo especialistas para solucionar os grandes desafios mundiais na próxima década. Saiba mais aqui.

Brasil mais próximo de aumentar área de Plataforma Continental

A ONU publicou recomendação legitimando o Brasil a incorporar 170 mil km2 de área de Plataforma Continental, além da Zona Econômica Exclusiva. Saiba mais em aqui.